Wine & Food Tasting Experiences

Join Alessandro Pepe in his wine & food tasting experiences, chatting with him and the other customers about traditional and innovative wines and foods, sourced from exceptional local producers around Italy.


Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Come for a short wine tasting in our private tasting room run by professional sommelier Alessandro Pepe


From Tuesday to Saturday at 8 pm
In our private tasting room Rimessa Roscioli a dinner tasting run by sommelier Alessandro Pepe


Your custom designed private tasting
250 different cured meats, 450 different cheeses, a cellar with more then 2800 different label. Design your unique wine and food tasting experience.

New exclusive location for Roscioli’s events

Roscioli, in collaboration with Hotel Columbus, has a new exclusive location for its events.
The wonderful hall of Restaurant La Veranda inside Hotel Columbus.
FOR MORE IMFORMATION: - tel: (+39) 333 7780024 (Alessandro Pepe)

Prodotti in evidenza

Dom Perignon 2004 & Paleta di Pata Negra Carrasco

Pata Negra e Dom Perignon, due miti a confronto


Whisky Caol Ila 1998 Samaroli & Salmone Loch Fyne

Caol Ila 1998 Samaroli & Salmone Loch Fyne


Amatriciana Kit x 4/5 persone

All the ingredients to prepare our Amatriciana in a nice gift box


Barolo & Parmigiano

Barolo and Parmigiano Reggiano:
a great wine and food pairing


Salumeria Roscioli Carbonara Kit x 4/5 persons

All the ingredients to make the famous carbonara of Roscioli in a nice gift box


Cacio & Pepe Kit x 5 persons

All you need to prepare our famous Cacio & Pepe in a nice gift box



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Wine and Food Tasting at Rimessa Roscioli

Let's meet Alessandro in his unique Wine & Food Tasting in Rimessa Roscioli

Where we are: Rome center


Via dei Giubbonari, 21 - 00186 Rome
Tel: (+39) 06 6875287 / Fax: (+39) 06 6865621

Wine and Food Tasting at Rimessa Roscioli

Via dei Giubbonari, 21 - 00186 Rome
Tel.: (+39) 06 6875287 / (+39) 333 7780024 (Alessandro Pepe)


Via dei Chiavari, 34 - 00186 Rome

Tel.: (+39) 06 6864045 / Fax: (+39) 06 6864045
Per info e forniture di pane chiedere di: Tamara, Ali, Pierluigi e Marco